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the 'sell'
Posted: 15/02/2010 by jigger10


I popped into a local petshop to glean some much needed advice on toroise/turtle/terrapin owning and caring.  I left the shop feeling presurised into buying the whole set-up.  Either leopard tortoise (99) or cherry head (189) and I'd get 'a discount' if I bought the vivarium and kit for 369.  I knew that I'd pay a lot to buy the whole kit plus torti but was quite surprised to discover how much!

I was told that the tortoise would NEED a vivarium with the various heat lamps etc and that they'd have to be swithed on at max heat and torti couldnt be allowed to hibernate, or the poor thing would die.  I was also told that I couldn't let him outside at all.

I still don't know where to go from here....HELP!

Re: the 'sell'
Posted: 16/02/2010 by tpgAli


The best place to go from here is to a reputable breeder and NOT a petshop. We strongly disagree with tortoises being sold in this way and you are right to have concerns. Please go to our section (in the lefthand column) and click on "Buying a Tortoise" here you will find our breeders list "Uk Breeders". To read up on our care sheets you can find these under "The Tortoise" where it lists various species.

Never listen to what a petshop tells you as even though some may generally think they are right in what they tell you this isnt the case as more often than not they are mislead by the dealers who sell to them.



Re: the 'sell'
Posted: 17/02/2010 by tpgarlene


Just to add to what Ali has said, please think very carefully before taking on a leopard tortoise - they are beautiful, but are one of the largest land tortoises, they grow very big, and need year round high levels of heat and light. 

all the best

Arlene TPG

Re: the 'sell'
Posted: 08/03/2010 by Clairestortoise

I Am somewhat disgusted with the way these beautiful Tortoises are sold. I think it's time that there are laws on how Tortoises are sold.

I think pet shops should have some sort of licence to sell, This should included at least one/two members of staff fully trained by The Tortoise Trust. An Official Chelonian Trust.
This way the sale of tortoises can be monitored, safely for the future of the tortoise. This way people are educated on how to care for and house your Tortoise.

Pet shops are only interested in their daily takings and that is so wrong!

What can be done? Can we set up a petition for this to happen and take it to the Government?

something must be done, I haven't had my tortoise very long, and am learning all the time through researching myself. But there are people who do not realise that we are here.
Thoughts anyone ;)


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