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Should we be concerned
Posted: 14/02/2010 by donnafj

How long should it take for our two 3yo hermanns to produce stalls ?They are both eating well and we are bathing them twice a day. they have both weed and produced urates.

should we be concerned ?

Many thanks for any advice

Donna & Paul

Re: Should we be concerned
Posted: 15/02/2010 by TPGDave


Are these the two that came out of hibernation at the end of Jan? If so I'd give it a little longer. It may even be that they're going in their housing and trudging it in. I wouldn't alter their feeding to make them go either. Remember they have been without food for a while, their bodies are  utilising every little nutrient and energy content from the food they eat at the moment.

Re: Should we be concerned
Posted: 16/02/2010 by donnafj

Thanks dave for the advice.


these two little torts i  think are playing games with us haha. Has soon as you post a question on the forum they do there all is now well again thanks for responding


donna & paul


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