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new mum
Posted: 14/02/2010 by wendy17

hi just a new parent, got two horsefeilds on fri from a breeder from this website, we brough them home gave them a bath, they expolored their new home for 30 min. Dierdre burrowed straight away and hasn't been seen since, Mo is hiding in the plant pot but hasn't burrowed, she wont come out either. Was told not to worry if they do this but how long should I let this continue .....they haven't eaten but more importantly I feel ( I could be wrong) they haven't had fluid ie.. drank or in the way of a bath. Obviously they ahve been through a stressful time moving home and I dont want to stress them out more but when should I try to coax them out or just leave them?

Any advice greatly received

regards Wendy

Re: new mum
Posted: 14/02/2010 by tortoise7

Click and drag me down to the editor Wendy

It is usually said that it can take a little time for the new torts to settle in, they really don't like change too much. We have just finished making Keya our little one, a nice new home but it took her 3-4 days to venture around, I did put her food at one end and her light at the other end to encourage her to walk around, after a week she claimed  it as her home, so it is just a case of being patient, at least you know they are lovely and healthy so it really is the environment that they need to get used to. Just keep up the baths as they will be taking in water through the cloaca and I bet having a sneaky mouthful of water too.
Jane, Keya & Molly 

Re: new mum
Posted: 15/02/2010 by Row

Hi Wendy!

Welcome to this fab site!  There are so many worries when you become a new mum I personally think that you should bath them every day for 15 - 20mins in warm water.  I know you'll feel horid disturbing them but I think it's very important to keep them hydrated.

Someone from the TPG will ccorrect me if I'm wrong!"!!!!

I too have two horsefields (Tetley and Twiglet) and they really do bring me so much joy just from watching them such charaters!

Good Luck Row x

Re: new mum
Posted: 17/02/2010 by tpgarlene

Hi Wendy

As Jane has said it can take a few days for tortoises to settle into a new home, and especially at this time of year when they are a little quieter.  Just make sure that your temperatures in the enclosure are right - remember that tortoises cannot warm themselves up or cool themselves down, they do rely solely on the temperature of their surroundings

Arlene TPG


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