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Winter diet
Posted: 13/02/2010 by meccles

Hi all,

I bought my Russian tortoise in May (he's about 2-3 years old - I think). During the summer I was feeding him on weeds & flowers from the garden, but there is nothing growing now due to cold/snow/frost etc.

I have been feeding him on lettuce, cucumber etc bought from supermarket, but just wanted to check if this was OK & what everyone else feeds their toroises on during winter months (I'm too scared to hibernate him).

Thanks x

Re: Winter diet
Posted: 13/02/2010 by jennyBA

Hi, i have been feeding my russian tort a mix of watercress and the mixed salad that you can get from the super market, it has rocket, lambs lettuce, and red  baby leaf lettuce in it.

I don't think a lot of cucumber is good for them, hope i have been of some help.

Re: Winter diet
Posted: 14/02/2010 by VivTPG

Hi, here is a good article produced by the Tortoise Trust which tells you a good diet to feed during the winter months when weeds are scarce

Hope this helps, regards Vivienne


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