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Posted: 22/01/2010 by Carys

Hi, im new to this forum and would apreciate some advice! I have been thinking of getting a tortoise for a few years and am finally in a position to think about it seriously, although i havent owned a tortoise myself i have grown up with one in the family and im also a veterinary nurse so im not completely green. I would rather re home a tortoise than buy one and know a couple of places that re home but want to know all i can before going ahead (im fed up of people getting animals they nothing about!). My question is, would a indoor guinea pig run with a heatlamp be appropriate for a mediterenean tortoise? I dont want a table top as im not sure i can trust my cats around a tortoise! I have an enclosed back garden but would also get an outside run for the tortoise. I want to do everything right and give a tortoise its forever home (well, as long as im around anyway!)

Re: Hi!
Posted: 22/01/2010 by Dave K

Hello there and welcome from me.Click and drag me down to the editor

People do use the indoor guinea pig and rabbit cages for tortoises and I'd say they are suitable for a small, hatchling Med tortoise. In the long term you would need something bigger as none of them stay small!

If you have a look in the gallery under indoor enclosures there are some examples of indoor setups using these cages.

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Posted: 23/01/2010 by TPGDarren

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Nice to see someone preparing everything before they get a tortoise rather than after.Click and drag me down to the editor

Please feel free to ask questions.

There are species specific care sheets here which may help:-


Have a good weekend




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Posted: 23/01/2010 by Carys

Thanks for the welcome! Everytime i think im getting there i have more questions, i dont want to get one until im sure i know what im doing, think i will keep re searching for a couple of months and slowly get everything ready. I have seen a lovely outdoor run but if i get a Horsefield they can dig out cant they? I know i can dig under it and put wire to stop them getting out but think my other half will dissaprove of me ruining the lawn! Lol!

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Posted: 23/01/2010 by Don

Not a real problem. (Oh! Hello)

Skim off the turf, dig down, putting the soil on a poly sheet, lay netting (plastic Clematis netting is good for the purpose, wide enough to prevent getting caught up in it & strong) on the bottom and up the sides of your hole, tip the soil back in, firm it down well and water, then replace the turf, firm down and water again.

Mind you, some bare soil with the odd weed or three would make it a better run, as would a few rocks and a shallow pool......... and a hide....... OK, so it won't do the lawn a power of good, but we got used to it. We've got no lawn at all now.

Re: Hi!
Posted: 26/01/2010 by Carys

Thanks everyone for being so friendly, your advice has been great! I feel happy that i know the basics now so will slowly get the stuff together and get a tortoise when everything is ready and i have done more research, i just dont want to rush unto this as i see it as (hopefully!) a lifetime commitment. Im leaning towards getting a Hermanns hatchling/youngster now as there is a breeder nearby and although i would rather re home it might be best to get a youngster with no problems. How often would a tortoise need worming? I asked a vet at work today and even she wasnt sure!Click and drag me down to the editor 


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