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Puffy Eye
Posted: 22/01/2010 by kila

I'm concerned about Maya. She had her weigh in this morning and I noticed that one of her eyelids is looking a little swollen compared to the other one.

The fridge dropped to 1C the other day. I don't know how long she was at this temp as it was during the night and I only spotted it in the morning. She had been at 3-7C all along. I think it was due to the fridge being too empty that the temperature dropped. Now I'm worried that her eye is permanently damaged. Could she go blind from this temperature?

Do you this is cause for serious concern?
Would you wake her?

Went into fridge on December 14th - 436grams
Today January 22nd - 433grams

Re: Puffy Eye
Posted: 22/01/2010 by TPGDarren


It's freezing point tat can damage the ey.

If her eye looks swollen, it is best to get her up. Please let us know how you get on



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