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Posted: 12/01/2010 by happylittlebee


i been looking to get some more torts and i have noticed there is lots of torts with really bumpy shell and really shinny shells like there been waxed...

why is this none of my torts are like this it looks like there in pooor cond and why are there shells so shinny anyone know please

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Re: why|???
Posted: 12/01/2010 by tpgarlene


There could be a number of reasons why the shells are shiny - often torts kept in vivs on a substrate like rabbit pellets etc look shiny, or it could be that something has been put onto the shell, like some sort of oil (not recommended)  Lumpy shells are caused by overfeeding and rapid growth.

For the record, my torts which are kept on sand and soil, and spend the summer months in the garden have fairly dull shells where they climb and dig, but are all perfectly healthy


Arlene TPG

Re: why|???
Posted: 12/01/2010 by happylittlebee

hiya, Arlene

yes i thought so its sad really how people can do this and not look up about torts and find out about them,it just seems every tort i looked at thats for sale seem to have really bad shells its so sad :(

i have 6 torts in all 3 spur thighs and 3 horsefeilds and none of them hae bumpy shells at all or shiny infact there really dull maybe its the mud but even when i bath them they still not really bright love them.x

thankyou so much for confirming for me i did wonder if it was the reason why???

take care

and all the best to you.x


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