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horsfield diet
Posted: 12/01/2010 by angel

hi just woundering if you could give a list of what a horsfield can eat with winter very much set in garden weeds flowers are no where to be seen we have bad snow what can we buy from our local supermarket can they eat cabbage letuce i know they cant and shouldnt eat tomatoes cucumber or anything sugary. any help much appreciated thanks.

Re: horsfield diet
Posted: 12/01/2010 by Clairestortoise

Hello Angel There is a great site that will tell you what can be fed to your tort called...

Also tells you what not to feed as well!! There is also a forum there too, Garden shed chat..Claire&Teddy

Re: horsfield diet
Posted: 12/01/2010 by Dave K


Cabbage, Kale and the like arent the best and should only be used very sparingly if at all.  It's a real struggle at the moment with the snow but there are some weeds like chickweed, dead nettles and cleavers that are around.  Supermarket wise, the bags of Florette Crispy Salad have a good mix of leaves, thngs like watercress and rocket can be given in rotation too. Make sure you add calcium and perhaps up the number of times a week you use your multivitimin supplement when feeding supermarket produce.

The link to the Tortoise Table site above is great, you can also get info on winter feeding here


Re: horsfield diet
Posted: 13/01/2010 by angel

hi thanks for all the replies in the end we had a spur thigh we arnt sure of the sex yet but were told its to soon to tell he/she is only around 18 months - 2 years old we have all the paper work as well we did buy from a pet shop but he gets them from a local breeder they are all fit and healthy and soooo active such a difference from bits n bobs its nice to see one care free this one is a nutter charges round and omg scoffs its food like never fed befor lol. we have decided to put the tort on the florette mix you all suggested and hopefully when the snow has gone find some weeds from the garden everything is frozen solid its all ice where we are now so fingers crossed the snow goes.


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