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Behavior after wake up??
Posted: 03/01/2010 by Row


As you know Tetley and Twiglet have just come out of their 1st hibernation with me.

What should I expect of their behavior?

They have both produced urates and both are creamy and not gritty so all good there. However they are a little in active.

Tetley is staying all day under the basking lamp and only moves for his lunch.  Twiglet I am having to physically get her up and put her under the lamp and after bath and food she heads straight back to bed.

Eyes are bright on both, noses clear and both are alert. Temps are fine hot area 35c and cooler area 21c.  Night time temps are 17c (they're put in a seperate box and kept upstairs as their enclosure gets to cold at night down to10c).

Is this behavior all normal? Are they just adjusting back to being awake?

Thanks Row (worry guts is back!)


Re: Behavior after wake up??
Posted: 03/01/2010 by Dave K

Hi Row,

Perfectly normal I'd say. In the wild, tortoises dont go from hibernation to full activity overnight, its still all temperature dependent. Some return to their hibernation quarters overnight for a while.

As long as you keep the temperatures and lighting up they should start to get back into the old routine fairly quickly.


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