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Another Bad pet shop
Posted: 28/12/2009 by porter_bmx

Hi all, i visited a pet shop not far from me today. i walked in and i was shocked. They are keeping 47 ( i counted i was that disgusted) redfoots/yellowfoots (mixed) in a 4 foot viv. there was two water bowls full of tortoise poo which they were drinking out of. they were also piled on top of each other. it was a truly horrific scene.

Re: Another Bad pet shop
Posted: 29/12/2009 by Clairestortoise

Hi Thats Awful!! :( Can you report them to Trading standards? did you get pics?? on your mobile/camera?

Re: Another Bad pet shop
Posted: 29/12/2009 by porter_bmx

didnt get any pics but i can soon go get some. i wouldnt know were to start with reporting them thats why i put a post on here. r.s.p.c.a?  maybe?

Re: Another Bad pet shop
Posted: 29/12/2009 by tortoise7

Trading Standards will not do anything as there is water in the enclosure, I reported my local petshop and they only went to see them because they had not put in water, they said that as far as substrate and food was concerned, it was a debatable issue!!!! probably best to contact your local wildlife Officer and see if he can help.
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