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Spring Greens
Posted: 24/12/2009 by Clairestortoise

Hello all

Are Spring greens suitable for a Tortoise? I dont think it is, some advice would be great! Thanks Claire

Re: Spring Greens
Posted: 24/12/2009 by Dave K

Hi Claire,

Spring Greens (the cabbagey looking one right?) is a brassica, same as cabbage. Therefore likely to be high in Oxalic acid. I wouldn't feed regularly and if I did use it, not in combination with other plants highish in oxalates such as cabbage, kale even dandelions, watercress and chickweed which all have quite a high oxalic acid content.

Oxalate is high concentration prevents the absorbtion of calcium and other minerals the tortoise needs but forming calcium into a compound called Calcium Oxide.


So spring greens would be ok in small, irregular given quantities as it does have benefits such as being quite fiberous and has a lot of other good trace vitamins and minerals.


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