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Posted: 12/06/2008 by Eryx

Hiya, just thought i would say hiya and welldone for getting this site up and runnning. I am not a tortoise nor turtle keeper, although i do meet a fair few in my job. I am a reptile,amphibian,fish and invertabrate breeder and was told about your site being up and running via nina.


Am sure that over the comming months and years you will get larger and better and not save torts lifes but stop then from being in danger.



Re: Hello
Posted: 12/06/2008 by vivtpgadmin

Thanks Eryx for your kind comments. Do you plan to add torts to your collection one day? Please recommend us to your tortoise friends as its great to share all the tortoise knowledge thats out there!


Re: Hello
Posted: 12/06/2008 by Eryx

Hiya, No worries. I sadly don't have the time nor space to keep tortoises as there are rather alot of children in the house so it would nto be fiar in the torts. My aunty does keep a good few of them which she rescues some but also rehomes them. We actually rescued a few stars the other day that were not being keppt corretcly and now working on the woman handing over her reds to use as they are massive and in tiny vivariums and she will not chnage there set up.


I do done holiday care for torts and turtles and used volentueer at a guys large hosue in stafford wher ehe ran his own turtle sanctury.   I always reckonment this and 1 or 2 other sites liek this to people that are still under the impression that the petshop man is right lol


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