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first hibernation help!
Posted: 27/11/2009 by sarahw

can anyone help? i have a spur thighed tortoise coming up for two years old, i was advised when i bought him/her not to hebernate this year because of its age. he has naturally slowed down, stopped eating and put himself into his sleeping area and has not come out for a week. He weighs 110g and has always been healthy. Has he hibernated himself ? shall i put him into a box? or should i wake him up and overwinter him. My other tortoise which weighs 350g has not slowed down yet and is still eating, should i withdraw his food now and prepare him for hibernation? any advise would be welcome. thank-you

Re: first hibernation help!
Posted: 27/11/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Sarah,


Here's a link that will hopefully be able to explain things in more detail:-

It isn't so much the weight of your tortoise that determines whether a tortoise is fit to hibernate, more the length/weight ratio. There is also a link to the Jackson Ratio  which can be used to indicate whether Spur Thighs (Testudo Graeca) or Hermanns (Testudo Hermanni) have gained sufficient weight to hibernate:-

There is also a link on this page to show how to measure the length of your tortoise(s).


Please feel free to ask any further questions.

Kindest Regards




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