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Please Help!
Posted: 24/11/2009 by Row

me again,

It's going from bad to worse.  Temp in fridge is just not stabalising and now I just checked on Them and Twiglet had managed, I don't know how, to get out of her box and onto the shelf of the fridge.

It's all going wrong..

Thinking of aborting both their hiberbation?

Please advsie.


Re: Please Help!
Posted: 24/11/2009 by Ozric

Hi Row, can I suggest you hang on in there for a short time and see how it goes?  If your fridge was holding about 5C before then it should do so again.  If you can, use a thermometer that you don't have to open the fridge to see what the temp is.  Opening the door always make the temp go up.  If its a full size fridge then its got a huge amount of air in it.

You've prepared the tortoises for hibernation and in my opinion its still worth trying to do it after doing all the hard part! 


Re: Please Help!
Posted: 24/11/2009 by kirkie

Hi Row,

I wouldn't keep turning the thermostat down to get the temperature down, if the thermostat is not accurate it may drop the temperature too low. Just a couple of things, I remember you sayung the tortoises are in soil in the fridge, is this deep enough for them to cover themselves? I just wonder if this woud persude them to settle a bit. Of course you'd now have to go through the routine of cooling the soil if you are going to add any to their boxes. I read a lot of stories about Horsfields being a real pain to get settled, scratching their way out of cardboard boxes and the like, so it appears they can function at very low temperatures. What you dont want is them using up too much energy trying to escape their boxes. You could put elastic bands round their boxes if they are in tuppaware type boxes to prevent escapes.

I would bear with it a little longer Row, you could even consider moving them to your other fridge short term (once you've checked temperatures of course) whilst you monitor your hibernation fridge for a bit. A  packed out fridge keeps an even temperature far better than an empty one which is why botles of water (or any liquid) is suggested to fill the empty space.

Hope this helps a bit,


Re: Please Help!
Posted: 24/11/2009 by winnie

Hi Row, soz I can't help with advise as it's my first hibernation (don't know if it's yours) but I just thought I'd post to say I know exactly what you're going through. I drove everyone on here mad with all the problems I had with my fridge temps (all of which were prob my own fault as I didn't set up early enough) but it took my Horsefield Queenie nearly 2 weeks to bed down, she's due for her first weigh tomorrow and I'm dreading it as I'm worried I'll wake her. Touch wood though-now my temps seem to be running ok, just the odd little jump every now and then. The one thing I have found is that Queenie settled alot better at a slightly lower temp then 5c, she's snoozing away at 4c and because of this lower temp I check the readings about 10-15 times a day. As I said at the start I wouldn't dream of trying to advise you on what to do but maybe we can learn with each other. It's always better to know there's someone else out there who's suffering the same as you.

Re: Please Help!
Posted: 25/11/2009 by Row


Thanks for replying I was in such a state last night!!! I'm smiling to myself now about my panic. 

Now I have reassessed the situation this is what's happeing!  Temps have settled back to about 5c, have identified why the rise my O/H has had the heating on in the kitchen something I never do!!!!!!

Lids have been secured with electrical tape so no more escapee torts.  Will do weigh in on Sunday and if all is ok they will stay in hibernation if not out they come.

Well that's the plan untill soemthing else happens anyway.

Really appreciate your support guys us virgin hirbernators need it as it so worrying.  It's also nice to hear other peoples experiences as you realise your not on your own and there are others out there feeling the same thing.

Thanks again Row x


Re: Please Help!
Posted: 25/11/2009 by Ozric

Hi, I find it a little easier than I did but its still a challenge!  Yesterday I got home to find the fridge temp was way up to 10C when it was 4C when I left in the morning.  Panic - whats going on? Checked and 'someone' as unplugged the fridge in order to use the socket for hair straighteners!!  I soon got things back in order and I feel sure no harm done.  Plug now has huge sign on it with pic of tortoise in case any dozy bad day persons get careless again.

Re: Please Help!
Posted: 25/11/2009 by Ozric

last line should read 'bad hair day persons'

ps when do we get an edit function on here? 

Re: Please Help!
Posted: 27/11/2009 by TPGDarren

What and spoil all the fun?

I'm not sure how much work it involves as the forum on here was built specifically for this site.

I'll certianly ask:-)

Hope you're well Jonathan

All the Best


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