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Cauiflower and cabbage
Posted: 24/11/2009 by Tara

Hi All, I am new to the forum and found a mountain of information already. I have to tortioses which we bought in a market in Egypt as we live here. They were both wormed three weeks ago but today I noticed after a bath the large male had lots of live worms again !! we will take them both to the vets tonight, can anyone tell me if califlower is a natural wormer for Tortoises ? I did a dog grooming course in the Uk and was informed by the trainer that cauliflower is a natural wormer for dogs ( if you can get them to eat it raw ) but Tortoises I don't know ?  The male loves eating it and sure enough when I bath him out the worms come !! but live...I make sure everything is washed before feeding. I was also giving cabbage but have now stoped after reading the posts. Thanks for your help !

Re: Cauiflower and cabbage
Posted: 25/11/2009 by kirkie

Hi Tara,

I have been foowing your other thread and the questions have been well answered, I hope these little tortoises pick up for you. I think a lot of heat and sunight may go a way to helping with the Runny noses, intense artifical UV light and heat sources are often used as part of the treatment for RNS in the UK so what better than the real thing!

On the subject of cauliflower, I've never heard of it being a natural wormer. The only vegetabe I'm aware of as potentially having worming properties is pumpkin. This has become a bit wrapped up in tortoise lore as it is actually only the coating of the pumkin seed which contains substances called teniafuges. These are de-worming agents which paralyze and eliminate intestinal worms in humans (the paralysis causes the worm to lose its grip on the host) so it may be of benefit to feed chopped, fresh pumpkin seed to tortoises.


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