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Weight issue
Posted: 18/11/2009 by Debi

Hi Guys,

need your help yet again...Mr brown has been in the fridge since Fri 6 Nov, his weight was 266g, i weighed him on Nov 13 and still 266g, but i weighed him last night and it's gone up !! 269g, i know the scales are right, and he seems fine, he's fast asleep, moves his legs if i give him a gentle stroke, i'm worried in case he isnt asleep  properly and may be eating the soil/sand mix,is that possible.

Thanks so much for all your advise.


Re: Weight issue
Posted: 18/11/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Debi,

This does sometimes happen?
It could be the temperature of your scales is different and not weighing as it was before.

I've had the same thing with some of mine when weighing them.



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