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Still awake in the fridge
Posted: 16/11/2009 by SallyN

Hi there,

I have had my 3 Russian tortoises in the fridge now for 10 days and 1 of my girls, age 6 is still active and not quite asleep yet, now and again I can hear her scrathing about. The other 2 settled within 48hrs.

What should I do, is this normal for Russians, and should I leave her a little longer. She is very healthy and is a very good weight.

Do I need to get her out?

Re: Still awake in the fridge
Posted: 16/11/2009 by tpgAli


Horsfields (Russians) are known to take longer to settle and i would be inclined mine up if they dont settle within a week or so, HOWEVER, you say she is stratching every now and again? This is normal with russians and i wouldnt worry if her weight is good, just make sure you dont open the fridge door too often as flucuating temps wont help settle her, once a day for a good "wafting" of the door is enough.

Please let us know if you need any more advice.


Re: Still awake in the fridge
Posted: 22/11/2009 by SallyN

Hi there,

Thanks very much for your reply, she is still awake in the fridge, about 5 days ago, I changed the substrate from shredded newspaper to 50/50 sand/soil and she is still awake.
We can hear her scratching mostly early evenings and sometimes in the afternoon.
I really wanted to let her hibernate this winter but am wondering whether I can do any harm if she doesn't go to sleep.
She isn't loosing any weight in the fridge so do I try a little longer or get her out and warm her back up.
My other two RT'sare having a wonderful sleep and I wish she would settle too!


Re: Still awake in the fridge
Posted: 22/11/2009 by tpgAli

Hi Sally,

I would leave her where she is as she isnt losing any weight. Horsfields are known to stratch sometimes during hibernation and this is because they try to dig down further (it is their instinct). You always get one :-)


Re: Still awake in the fridge
Posted: 24/11/2009 by SallyN

Thanks Ali, that has made me feel much better, perhaps I can stop worrying now!

Re: Still awake in the fridge
Posted: 02/01/2015 by Susie

I put my Russian tortoise in the fridge today, she s in a tub with air holes. However am worried sick I have never done this before. The tempature keeps going up and down ( I have a probe in the fridge and digital display with temp outside the fridge) when I have opened the door she s not asleep please can someone advise? 


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