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Weight Loss
Posted: 13/11/2009 by lotteryman

Can anyone help?

I have two marginated tortoises which I have now had from hatchlings for about 18 months. Both have been growing and gaining weight slowly over this period but over the last four - six weeks neither of them seem to eat very much. Both tortoises have lost weight, one from 82g down to 74g and the other 90g down to 84g. They both eat a 100% weed diet and live in a table top enclosure with good temperature variations. I am starting to get a little worried now so any advice would be apreciated.


Re: Weight Loss
Posted: 14/11/2009 by Ozric

Hi Pete, I keep Hermanns and this might not be relevant to you. But what I find is that my tortoises have a peak weight in about August and often loose some weight after that even though they are eating well. Other Hermann keepers also find this happens.  Your tortoises are slowing down, eating less but I don't think the weight loss is alarming. Weights also tend to fluctuate a bit anyway.

Slow weight gain with a little loss at this time of year may be perfectly healthy.  However as I say I only really know about Hermanns so lets see what others say

Re: Weight Loss
Posted: 14/11/2009 by VivTPG

Hi, yes I agree, I keep Margies and their temps do fluctuate a little.



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