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He won't slow down!
Posted: 04/11/2009 by Row

Hi hope everyone is all good?

I'm having trouble with Tetley and his winding down.  I'm doing the 20 day plan 4 x 5 day weeks.  Tetley will be on day 11 tomorrow where i reduse lighht and heat to 4hrs but he's still running around like a mad thing???? Still getting up at 7 am and his light/heat doesn't come on till 9.30. and tonight he's still under his light although it's turned off.

it's my 1st time hibernating so not sure if this is the norm or not.

Twiglets doing just fine very very sleepy altough no poo's for about 5 days now?

So many questions an so many worries.

Expert advise is in need!

Thanks in advance,

Worried Row x

Re: He won't slow down!
Posted: 04/11/2009 by tpgAli

Hi Row,

This sounds familiar and you are not the only one to worry about this. What method of hibernation are you using? It is a worry that the weather isnt cold enough yet to hibernate in a shed or other outbuilding that is why people choose the fridge method. I would be inclined to leave the light off and also any additional heating you might be using. Try and keep Tetley as cool as you can even if it means moving him to a cooler place. Its a nightmare but we are always here to help with any queries you may have and dont be afraid to ask away :-)


Re: He won't slow down!
Posted: 04/11/2009 by Row

Hi Ali,

I'll be using the fridge method.  It's the wind down period I'm having trouble with. They're both indoors and teh temps are at about 18 cool end and under lamp 30ish. I thought, please correct me if I'm wrong, That they still needed some heat to digetst any food? Which why the temps are as they are and I'm rducing this now to 4 hrs a day  I'm bathing dailey under their light  and then in the last 5 days all heat source will be removed and they'll go in a cooler room to cool right down.

Does all of this sound right?

Also worried about poo..... Twiglet hasn't done 1 for teh last 5 days should it be more regular in wind down period??



Re: He won't slow down!
Posted: 04/11/2009 by TPGDarren

LOL - as Ali said they are a worry and just don't want to play by the rules:-)

If you stick with the plan they'll slow down as the temperatures drop:-)

My males were going crazy when we started wind-down:-)
Thankfully all our ours, apart from s few of this year's hatchlings are now tucked away nice and cool.



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