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food for hermans
Posted: 01/11/2009 by Michelle Metcalf

Hi I have Tommy who is a 3yr old hermans tortoise. I have found your handout on food very helpful but I am still looking to give him a varied diet and was wondering if I can give him any of the following





turnip leaves

I have an allotment and can grow most things and I am looking for a packet of seed mix to grow an wonder what is best




Re: food for hermans
Posted: 02/11/2009 by Ozric

Hi Michelle, check this one out:

Its a tried and tested mix.  Another way to go is to order packets of individual species.  The Tlady mix is great but there are quite a few clovers and other things in there that are very common already. Its cheap though, you can grow a huge row of plants for a few quid.

I think a really good one and very easy to grow is Sow Thistle and I cultivate that separately.  I also grow several kinds of mallows.

Chickweed is fine. Peppers I think are not and likewsie leeks.  Turnip greens are usually not recommended by UK sources because of the issues around calcium content and absorption. This principle is usually applied to all brassicas such as kale and also spinach.  If you want to keep things simple just don't feed them.  Alternatively read up on it and make up your own mind - many keepers will maintain that occasional use of turnip greens is fine.

Re: food for hermans
Posted: 04/11/2009 by Michelle Metcalf

Thanks for that

I just feel I need to spice up his diet as some days he does not eat at all any other suggestions


thanks again




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