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Posted: 29/10/2009 by acorn1963

hiya everyone hope all is well i have a little problem with shelby she,s alway been a very layed back tortoise very calm and oh so sweet but lately she seem,s to be running around her home on the tips of her nail,s pushing up against me when i put my hand to touch her she wiggles her bum like she got a itch that needs scratching shes also started to bite me just little nips to show me she boss she seem to slow right down but all of a sudden shes running about like a mad tortoise eating everything in sight lol any ideas love ellen and shelby

Re: why
Posted: 01/11/2009 by TPGDarren


Not too sure about the wiggling bit?, but the biting is likely to be because she has a good appetite and sees you as food :-)


Re: why
Posted: 02/11/2009 by tpgAli


I had a male ibera that used to wiggle his bum if i touched his back and i soon found out this was annoying him having me touch it. I think this must just be a sensitive area for some tortoises.



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