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Has it gone too warm?
Posted: 28/10/2009 by kohimagirl

Help....................Annabel did the wind down when she started getting sleepy and after 3 weeks and a week in the garage, she was put in the shed last it now too warm for her????????????????

Temps are 12c but that was when the sun was out midday and 9/10c morn and mid afternoon.

Wondering if I should abandon hibernation and get her up and put her back indoors????

Please can you give me your opinion?


Re: Has it gone too warm?
Posted: 28/10/2009 by TPGDarren


This is the problem with the UK weather - it's just not realiable enough:-(
She's technically not in hibernation and whilst she will use up bodyfats slowly as the temperature is relatively low she is technically still in a slow wind-down. Unless an alternative can be found where the temperatures are more suitable, she won't hibernate at these temperatures.


Re: Has it gone too warm?
Posted: 29/10/2009 by kohimagirl

Hi Darren,

Shall I wake her and abandon hibernation then?



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