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Weight loss
Posted: 27/10/2009 by Debi

Sorry to bother you all again, but is there a guide line to how much weight should be lost in the wind down period, Mr Brown is on day 8, he has lost 23g, he seems ok, but my family are worried that he won't survive his intended 8 week hibernation if he keeps losing weight at this rate, he moves arounf for a while after his bath, then goes under his shredded paper, i do take him out for a while in the afternoon to put him under his basking lamp, but he dosn't stay there for very long, he trundles of back to bed.

Please can you advise, many thanks as always


Re: Weight loss
Posted: 27/10/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Debbie,

His behaviour is completely normal.

What is his weight/length please?


Re: Weight loss
Posted: 28/10/2009 by Debi

Hi Darren,

He is 264g (this morning's weight,after his bath,but yesterday's weight was 255g, he didn't get any food, so i'm unsure why there is such a difference) and 109mm, he is nearly 3 years old. At the start of his wind down he was 278g ( that was 9 days ago)



Re: Weight loss
Posted: 28/10/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Debs
The weight gain may well be due to him being fully hydrated.

His weight is absolutely fine:-)



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