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Posted: 25/10/2009 by clairesimmons1974

I'd like to know please, Is there any difference with character/personality between girls or boys? which is best?

Re: Girls/Boys
Posted: 26/10/2009 by kerryjcarl

Males together tend to fight over territory, I have 2 males together and have to split them up sometimes as they get really aggressive with each other, other than that they usually live together in harmony, I have never owned a female so cannot advise on girls.


Re: Girls/Boys
Posted: 26/10/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Claire,

If possible, it would be better to go for two tortoises who are incubated for females.

As Kerry said, two males may well fight and try and drive one another out, which can be very stressful as this isn't possible in captivity and segregation is at times the only answer. A one male/one female ratio is also not adviseable as males are very persistent, which can be very stressful for a lone female. We have a 1:5 male/female ratio here with our adults and find this works very well.



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