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Biting other torts?
Posted: 25/10/2009 by kell26

Hi  i have two hermann's who have been getting on relatively okay.The bigger one sometimes does tend to bully the smaller one and try to mount/climb on her but other than that they normally get on problem is that i brought a new tort today and introduced it to the other two and the bigger one has gone mad.He started to bite the new one and then turned on the other one biting her legs and her shell.I am very worried as he has never been aggressive like this before.For now i have seperated him from the others but i feel really bad for him.I just wondered if someone could give me some advice ,have i done the right thing ?is this natural behaviour? I would be very greatful for any help anyone can give .

Re: Biting other torts?
Posted: 26/10/2009 by TPGDarren


May I ask where you got your new tortoise from please as it is always adviseable to have a period of quarantine before introducing a new tortoise to others.

This does sometimes happen and it may be because you now have two males?

How old are your tortoises please?

Re: Biting other torts?
Posted: 27/10/2009 by kell26

Hi thanks for the reply.the older two i brought as a pair were hatched in 2006 and the new one was hatched 2007.I purchased the new one from a pet centre.after reading other posts on here i took the little one away and it is now in quantine.i ave since put the other two bk together and he has calmed down with the biting ,its not as aggressive but he now keeps trying to mate wit h this normal ? Do u think the tree will ever get on ?

Re: Biting other torts?
Posted: 28/10/2009 by TPGDarren

Try them together and see how they get on. If it becomes too much for the smaller one, you may need to separate them again to save the smaller one getting stressed. If he is a male and the other a female, it's not a good idea to have a 1:1 ratio as males can be very persistent.



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