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single or pair
Posted: 25/10/2009 by clairesimmons1974

Hello, Is it true the Tortoises prefer to be in pairs? Is it ok just to have just the one?

I ask because I have just received an email from a breeder who says they only sell in pairs

Re: single or pair
Posted: 25/10/2009 by tortoise7

Hi Claire
I have always read that tortoises are a solitude species, but I have also seen  several tortoises together quite happily. I think the only thing I would be aware of is that you really cannot guarantee the sex and could have 2 males which could fight, a male and female hmmm then lots of babies or they may not get on once they reach maturity and fight, in all these instances you would have to seperate them and they will end up on their own!!! so it really is a personal decision so would find someone who would accomodate you
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Re: single or pair
Posted: 25/10/2009 by clairesimmons1974

Hi Thanks for your reply :) I have been doing my homework on Tortoises and hadn't read anywhere that you should keep two together as they don't like being on their own. I had made enquiries on a Tortoise and was told that they would only sell two together and not single :(
The thing is I am new to Tortoises and wouldn't want to commit to having two.I would like to start with one and if all goes well then maybe I would add another. I think it's crazy to sell only in pairs, especially if your new to owning a Tortoise.

Re: single or pair
Posted: 26/10/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Claire,

There is often debate about whether tortoises are better together or in pairs or more.
Personally I do believe, with certain species, it is better to keep more than one. With babies for instance, and even adults, you will notice that when they bed down for the night in say a pot or under a shelter, one will try and push the other to the outside. Tortoises do have instincts to protect themselves from predators as do all animals. When resting or sleeping, positioning themselves near another will no doubt offer security for them.

We've rehomed tortoises here that have been on their own for decades and whilst tortoises comparitively interact very little with their own kind, we've seen a marked improvement in their activity when around other tortoises.



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