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general advice for a beginner...
Posted: 13/10/2009 by ESIO TROT

Dear Tortoise owners.

My name is Fleur and I am currently undertaking in getting a (huge) amount of research done before purchasing my first family Tortoise.  I have always wanted one for as long as I can remember (actually, since reading Roald Dahls' 'ESIO TROT'!!).

Anyway, through research on here and on every other website to do with Tortoises I came across many breeders lists.  I contacted Anne who is a breeder of Hermanni torts in my area and she has some hatchlings (born July/Aug) availiable...

I've read that this species is one of the best for beginners, but I am struggling with all the conflicting advice.  I know not to use vivs and me and my Husband will be making a sufficiently sized indoor house as well as a great, secure and safe outdoor rockery (Carl, hubs, is a Gardener so no probs there!)  I know that 50/50 sand topsoil is best substrate and Ive got the lists from on here of weeds and such and who's best to get seed packs from etc..

My main worry is the indoor housing and its heating light...  Megaray????  This seems to be general consesus and that Kimbos is where to find them...

Im generally looking for tips, hints and a useful concise lists of  'things definately needed for set up' so I can get around to costing everthing asap.  Also some confirmation that the research I've done is correct wouldn't go amiss either!!

Thanks everyone.  Look forward to hearing from you all.


Re: general advice for a beginner...
Posted: 13/10/2009 by tpgarlene

Hi Fleur

It sounds as though you are doing everything just fine!

If you click here:-

you will find an article on 'Setting up for a Hatchling' which goes through everything you need for a baby or young tortoise, and also tells you *why* you need these things. 

Any questions, please feel free to ask

all the best

Arlene TPG

Re: general advice for a beginner...
Posted: 14/10/2009 by tes.tudo1

Well done Fleur on doing your research before getting a tortoise!!

Yes Kimbos is the best place for Megaray and Darren will always give advice.

Follow the these links for a wealth of info and the third link is for for weed seeds.





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