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Weight for hibernation
Posted: 07/10/2009 by Munster


Please could someone advise?

We have two herman torts - Munster and Tuga and we would like to hibernate them this year. We didnt last year as it was all new to us and Munster had been poorly and we didnt get tuga untill Oct.

We have been weighting and mesuring regularly for the passed year and reading up on the different types of hiberation methods and wind down procuders.

I have down loaded the jackson ratio and ploted their weigh and length on them. Muster seems to be ok, but is saying that Tuga is on the low side.

Munster is 109mm & 230g and Tuga is 94mm and 146g. They are about 18mths to 2 years old.

Can anyone advise weather they should be hibernated or over wintered? 

Tuga has started to slow down quite a bit already.

Any advice is appreciated

Many Thanks

Catherine, Jon, Munster and Tuga.Click and drag me down to the editor


Re: Weight for hibernation
Posted: 15/10/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Catherine,

Sorry for the late reply, have you started winding them down yet?


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