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Such a shame!
Posted: 06/10/2009 by Angelic1

Hello everyone,

I have just joined TPG. 

I have just read Lesley's story about bad advice from pet shops.

I am so glad that I have decided to wait before buying my tortoise as I received very similar advice from my local Pets at home store.

I am now confused as to exactly what equipment my tortoise will need!

I will now read through the reliable info on TPG and feel much happier that I can eventually provide a happy home for my Tortoise when it arrives...I can't wait, but I guess its better to!


Re: Such a shame!
Posted: 06/10/2009 by tpgarlene


Welcome to the siteClick and drag me down to the editor

Pet shops, garden centres etc do make a lot of money on the equipment they sell,  and we do find that a lot of their recommended equipment is not suitable for tortoises - my local large pet centre has 'Tortoise Starter Kits' that are around 200 - very expensive and a lot of it not appropriate for a tortoise either.

You will find lots of information on all aspects of tortoise keeping around the site, and in particular there is an article on setting up accommodation for a young or hatchling tortoise here:-

and if you visit the photo gallery, you will see lots of really good examples of both indoor and outdoor accommodation.  Any questions you have, please ask away, we are all happy to help, and your tortoise will thank you too, so definately worth a little bit of a wait.  Once you are ready, we have a list of breeders on the site with genuine UK captive bred tortoises:-

Happy reading!

all the best

Arlene TPG


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