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Worming prior to Hibernation?
Posted: 23/08/2009 by Row


Yes already I'm becoming about worried about hibernating  Tetley and Twiglet for the 1st time and have been reading about it over the last week.  Although it has been on my mind since the beginning of summer!

As far as  can see both of mine are healthy and no problems and are still enjoying being outside but I have just 1 question, at the moment, no doubt there will be a zillion more as it gets closer!

Should I get them checked for worms?

None of them are showing any signs and both were treated for them successfully at the begining of this spring.

Thanks in advance and I apologise now for the amount of questions, fears, worries and panic that I know I'm going to fire your way over hibernation!


Re: Worming prior to Hibernation?
Posted: 23/08/2009 by tpgAli

Hi Rowan,

Are they from a breeder? Personally i have never treated mine for worms unless i see them. A healthy tortoise shouldnt need worming.



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