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Posted: 21/08/2009 by cath

Hi all, SORRY have posted in general topics as well but realised this should be here,just a quick update, on Eggs, have 5 Hermann eggs 2 wks old today, 2 have chalked  over and can vaguely see some veins, 3 don't seem to be doing much just got a very noticeable air bubble to one side and are a slightly pinker colour compared to the other 2, is this a sign that they're not fertile? sooo excited finding it very hard to be patient. Also how soon after laying could she lay more, her partner has been his usual frisky self, I think she's looking/sniffs the ground a lot, seems to be searching for something, its only been 2 wks since her last clutch. If she is carrying more eggs do you think she would lay them or is it too late now, if it is too late what do we do can she be Hibernated when she possibly carrying more eggs.  cath.



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