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Urinating during hibernation
Posted: 20/08/2009 by maxclax

I've been reading the care sheets on hibernation as this year will be the first time I hibernate my two Hermanns. It says if the younger one urinates then to wake her as there is a danger she could become dehydrated. I'll be using top soil/sand in the box so how will I know if she has urinated? Won't the urine just get soaked up, particularly as its likely to be a small amount as she is so little?

Re: Urinating during hibernation
Posted: 20/08/2009 by tpgAli


My tortoises hibernate naturally in the greenhouse, i let them dig down therefore i do not know if they urinate or not. I dont worry as much as they are hibernating in soil as this holds natural moisture, however they shouldnt pass urates if they are wound down properly but if they do this should only happen twards the end of hibernation. Just make sure you check them the first week or so, ive had tortoises in the fridge in soil and you can notice the wet. If they poo there is no need to get them up.


Re: Urinating during hibernation
Posted: 20/08/2009 by Laraine

We hibernate ours in the fridge, I bought almost clear plastic boxes (blue and white) and used clean shredded paper for them to settle down into, it was easy to see if anyone of them had wee'd, Luckily all slept until they were woken up in the spring.

A tip for when you check and weigh them while they sleep, do it in the evening in subdued light so as not to disturb them too much.



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