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Alfie has a new friend - Help!!
Posted: 20/08/2009 by dewly

After a lot of thought I decided to get Alfie a friend. I collected "Daisy" yesterday from a breeder near Weston Super Mare - met Mum, Dad, Brothers and Sisters and they all appeared healthy, active and eating well.
However since getting Daisy home, last night, she has not eaten. Is this normal? Alfie did not stop eating from the moment I got him home!! Daisy is very active and keen to explore so I think she is fine.
However Alfie does not appear to be interested in her at all. Bloomin typical - I only got her as I felt sorry for Alfie living alone. However I must admit I've fallen in love already.
And the last thing is - Daisy is quite a bit bigger than Alfie - Daisy weighs 55g and Alfie weighs 42g. The breeder told me that this is perfectly normal and they do vary in size. Is this true please? They are both Spurthighs and both a year old this month.
Thank you

Please see GENERAL OFF TOPIC - for a picture. I posted them under the wrong subject!!

Re: Alfie has a new friend - Help!!
Posted: 20/08/2009 by Laraine

Are they from the same breeder or clutch? if not, then you should really be quarantining the new one for an absolute minimum of 6 months, upto 18 months if either of them were from a pet shop/garden centre/internet dealer.  This is because it can take some time for any problems to appear.

any move is stressful for a tortoise, especially a young one, so it will be quiet for a little while. Make sure you are bathing at least once a day to prevent dehydration, and offer food right after the bath.


Re: Alfie has a new friend - Help!!
Posted: 20/08/2009 by Ozric

Hi there

 on the size part of your post  - yes tortoises of the same age can vary hugely in weight and size and the difference you see here is nothing to be concerned about.  They all react differently to a change of environemnt and I wouldn't worry about not eating for a few days. Its also difficult to guess how one tort will react to another one turning up.  Keep an eye on them in case its not harmonious!


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