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bigger home
Posted: 15/08/2009 by acorn1963

i have a 2 year old who need a bigger home has anyone got a xxl rabbit cage for sale

Re: bigger home
Posted: 15/08/2009 by VivTPG

have you tried your local freecycle?  You can log onto, click on your area, then put out a wanted ad for a cage, its all free (even for the cage), I have had loads of things off the Bham one, such as a glass coldframe, a complete greenhouse, dog kennel, rabbit run etc all for the torts, its a great way to get stuff and recycle at the same time!

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Re: bigger home
Posted: 15/08/2009 by tpgAli


You could also try asking your local pet shop. I did this and they sold me a used one for 5, i had t give it a thorough clean up but now its as good as new :-)


Re: bigger home
Posted: 16/08/2009 by acorn1963

i am living in london dont seem to be anything going

Re: bigger home
Posted: 17/08/2009 by VivTPG

Hi, here is the link for all the London freecycle groups, put a post on a few groups closest to you, just join (its free) and place a post "wanted - indoor rabbit cage - your post code" and people will email you if the have one to give away!

I dont think they are too expensive to buy new, I paid 25 from my local pet shop, I've also seen them on ebay.  Hope you get one.



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