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Posted: 14/08/2009 by Debi

Hello everyone,

Mr Brown has really slowed down over the last three days, he is sleeping for hours on end, he is eating ok when he is awake,and looks healthy but should he be slowing down so much so early, i bath him every other day and put him in the garden for long periods of time, but even there he seems very slow, not his usual perky self.

(He's a herman, nearly three and weighs 270g) 

Is it that time of year when they start to slow down already or do you think he might be unwell.

All replies greatly apreciated.


Posted: 14/08/2009 by VivTPG

Hi Debs, none have mine have started slowing down yet, what part of the country are you, I just wondering if perhaps it has gone colder where you are?

Have you had his poo checked lately to make sure he hasnt a large worm load? Is he eating ok?

Regards VivienneClick and drag me down to the editor

Posted: 17/08/2009 by Debi

Thanks Viv,

Were in West Yorkshire, the weather hasn't been too bad here, he is eating fine & is weeing & pooing ok, but i havnt had it checked.... 

He seems fairly bright today, he is up & around and trundling around the garden, may be he was just tired !!

Are there any symptoms to look out for if they have got worms?

Do you know how it would be treated?  

kind regards & many thanks, 


Posted: 17/08/2009 by VivTPG

Hi Deb, its very hard to see the worms, this is best done by a vet (any vet can do this) under a microscope, they can identify the type of worm/parasite and give the appropriate worming medication.  This is usually drontal or panacur.  You can ask the vet to administer it through the mouth, or you can do it yourself, either through the mouth or put the solution on a dandelion leaf (or other favorite food), I have done this with quite a few of mine very successfully!

If you have recently acquired the tortoise either from a pet shop or internet dealer, and/or are considering hibernating your tort this year, I would strongly recommend you get him checked.

Glad to hear he has perked up a bit.

Regards VivienneClick and drag me down to the editor


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