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clever minstrel
Posted: 05/08/2009 by keza01

i cant believe how clever my minstrel is getting, we were enjoying some time in the garden earlier when i noticed one of my step sons tennis balls under one of my bushes, i couldnt reach it and was muttering to myself thinking how to get it out, next thing i knew my little mini had went under and pushed it out for me aww he's such a sweet boy.

there was one more thing i wanted to ask my partner works away sometimes and he'd left his slippers in our front room, minstrel has taken to trying to sleep in them when he's not here. is my mintrel missing my partner?

Re: clever minstrel
Posted: 08/08/2009 by tortoise7

Hi Minstrels mum
Ahhh how sweet is that, you need to video him and send it to one of those pet programmes...
My opinion only, but I don't think the slipper sleeping is a declaration of love but a nice dark place to hide.. when I had to get Molly out of hibernation early, in the mornings I used to let her walk around the house to keep her muscles toned and she sometimes tried to get inside my slippers, I would rather think it was for shelter, it definately wasn't for love because I had not long had her and she was still trying to decide whether she liked me or not!! or could it have been for the smell Click and drag me down to the editor Nooooo.....

Re: clever minstrel
Posted: 18/08/2009 by julietaylorf

aww how clever. what a useful tort you have Click and drag me down to the editor

julie :-)


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