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limestone flour
Posted: 31/07/2009 by winnie

Do many tort owners have the same problem as me. Queenie is being very naughty and not eating her greens with the flour on. She's fine with the nutrobal and loves her cuttle fish but the limestone flour is a no thank you. Although over the last week or so I think I've got one over on her coz if I get her dandi flowers, dust them in the flour and feed them before any other food goes down there's no probs (up to now) as she loves those dandies.

Re: limestone flour
Posted: 31/07/2009 by TPGDarren


I don't tend to have too many problems here - though I've heard of many that do.
Nice trick:-)


Re: limestone flour
Posted: 01/08/2009 by tortoise7

Hi Winnie
My Molly is the same, so I cut a chunk of cucumber(naughty I know), cut out a plug in the middle, fill it with nutrobal/Limeflour and put the plug back in, she munches away quite happily unaware teehee, I am learning to be more clever than her these days...

Re: limestone flour
Posted: 01/08/2009 by winnie

I think it's a question of having to be. Sometimes I  think that my tort knows she has an owner that's a newy and secretly plots away on how to keep me on my toes and add to my numbers of grey hairs (well, it feels like that anyway). If she carries on like this I'll be the one requiring months of hibernation, Queenie can have the footie and the soaps!

Re: limestone flour
Posted: 30/05/2011 by victoriataylor5

How often do you feed your tort the Limestone Flour? as I used to use it everyday and was advised against it. Also I don't give Sidney Nutrobol, what is it and how do you use it??? Thank you Vicky xxx


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