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no weight gain
Posted: 13/07/2009 by winnie

In May I weighed Queenie and she was between 300g and 320g. In June I weighed Queenie and she was spot on 320g. Today I weighed Queenie and she was still spot on 320g. I have made sure that I stick to the same day each month for the weighing, do I have anything to worry about if she hasn't put weight on this month. All else seems ok, she's eating ok, having daily baths and is very active, especially when outdoors as she likes to wind the dogs up by running up and down passed their gate.

Re: no weight gain
Posted: 14/07/2009 by Vivienne

Hi, I wouldnt be worried, if as you say she is eating and drinking as normal and is happy she sounds fine.  Its probably due to the increased exercise with being outdoors its speeding up her metabolism.



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