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Going on holiday
Posted: 30/06/2009 by maxclax

Hi. I'm new to this site and wondered if anyone could offer advice on what they do when going on holiday. I have had 2 Hermanns since April. They are both brilliant and are really active and eating well. I am going on holiday for a week and just about everyone I would trust to look after them is going to be away at the same time. Is there such a thing as boarding for torts anywhere?

Re: Going on holiday
Posted: 01/07/2009 by tpgarlene

Hi there

I dont know of any tortoise boarding places Im afraid, and if you did find one, you would need to be very sure that they practiced very strict hygene, that the enclosures were throoughly disinfected etc between tortoises to prevent transmission of disease, parasites etc.  I would also want to take up references, as you need to be a bit careful of who you hand your tortoises over to!

Sorry I cant offer any more advice, I would say that if at all possible, get a trusted friend or neighbour to look after them, even if they just pop in 2 or 3 times a day to feed, water, bath and check them?

all the best

Arlene TPG


Re: Going on holiday
Posted: 07/07/2009 by sammykins

yes i have heard of places that do tortoise boarding-there is a place in chessington, you could google it, i also look after peoples tortoises while they are away too, im in surrey if that helps?

Re: Going on holiday
Posted: 14/08/2009 by unhindered


i was browsing the tortoise garden website and i think they look after torts when their owners are on holiday, they are based in cornwall

Re: Going on holiday
Posted: 14/08/2009 by tpgAli


Yes Joy runs the Tortoise Garden in St Austell but im not sure if she does holiday homing. Why dont you email and ask?



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