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Not eating
Posted: 22/06/2009 by senga01


my tortoise is 5 years old and this last week or so he is not touching his food and not spending a lot of time out his sleeping area, we have been bathing him in warm water, we take him out and place him under the heat lamp but after a couple of minutes it's straight back to his bed, he has lost 10grms this last week any ideas? he is pooping and passing urine as normal

Re: Not eating
Posted: 22/06/2009 by tpgAli

Firstly please can i ask what species your tortoise is? What type of set up is he kept in? Also have you given him a general health check, are his eyes/nose clear and what substance are his wee's and faeces?
Sorry to ask all these questions but this info will help us to try and find out why he is like this.



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