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what a day :)
Posted: 21/07/2008 by shazzler

you know what people this precious little mobile rock of mine is going to make me old before my time,, i gave up waiting for her to emerge from under her hay and brought her in just to put my mind at rest and to make sure she got some good uv time as she was getting none in her bed quarters, ive bought 2 digital thermometers so i can triple check my temps on her outside enclosure which turns out it was too cold for her hence her staying in bed where she was warm, but this morning she was up bright and early and basking then what did she do.....

she only decided that she wanted to eat some of her substrate (sand/soil), so off i went to work worrying all day thinking that she would be lay there choking or something and when i got back at 7pm the first thing i did was check on her and she was lay there  on top of her hay fast asleep! and breathing luckily

i turned out her lights and she opened her eyes as though to say hi mum , honestley i swear to god ive grown more grey hairs today and she looks at me not even knowing what a harrowing day ive had....tortoises eh...bless em all



Re: what a day :)
Posted: 21/07/2008 by tpgadmin


I think keeping tortoises is worse than having a house full of children in terms of worrying about them.  Keep up the good work although from what the weather forecasters say your little rock will be back outside again this week hiding under the hay to keep out of the sun Click and drag me down to the editor


Re: what a day :)
Posted: 21/07/2008 by tortoise7

Hi Sharon

I laughed so much at your write up, I could empathise with you so much, I spend my day at work looking out at the weather thinking oh my goodness the sun has gone in and I didn't put the heat lamp on because the sun was out and hot when I left, then I panic because it was cold when I left and now it is sunny and I hope she has gone out of her house. It takes me 3 attempts to get out the door in the morning after checking temps and going back again to open the vents. I love Keya to pieces but like you, the grey hairs are appearing by the bucket load. As soon as I get home, I am straight out in the garden checking her, to find her quite happily basking or snoozing, whatever did we do before we had them.

Tortoise7 - Jane


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