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Does Spike need a friend?
Posted: 17/06/2009 by xXxCatxXx

Hi everyone,

I have a question I have a male spur thigh called spike and I am thinking of getting him a friend. Spike is 55 years oldish and I am not sure if he would like a friend as he has been on his own for at least 5 years and seems quite happy.

What would the best mix be i.e. male and a female, 2 males or 1 male and several females or leave well enough alone and let spike be.

Any help would be great

Many thanks

Tracy and Spike

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Re: Does Spike need a friend?
Posted: 17/06/2009 by beckyzazou

Hi Tracy and Spike,

Torts don't feel emotions like us and in the wild they will live quite solitary lifes, just bumping into a mate by chance. They will have a 1 night stand then move one!

I have torts that do live alone quite happily and as spike is middle aged, I'm sure he quite likes his own company. Don't rush into finding hime a friend as you have Q proceedures to follow for a long time.


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