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Alfies garden all finished!!!
Posted: 04/06/2009 by dewly
Hi Every One

I'm back from visiting my mum in Spain. Had a great time and when I got back my husband had finished Alfie's 'garden'. He absolutely loves it in there, charges around like a lunatic. And as you can see he is regularly guarded by his two friends - don't worry though I don't let them any where near Alfie.

What I would like to ask is how often should I clean out his indoor enclousure. I clean the 'poo's out daily or when I see them but how often should I clean the whole lot out please?? It is 3.5ft by 1.5ft and doesn't look dirty or smell but I have not cleaned it for 4 weeks. Obviously I do clean the water and food bowl regularly.

Thank you


Re: Alfies garden all finished!!!
Posted: 04/06/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Julie,

Glad you had a good time in Spain Julie:-)
Providing they are spot-cleaned, the water dish is cleaned daily and you monitor the general cleanliness of the enclosure, which you are doing, you should be ok to do a full clean every 2-3 months for a lone tortoise. I tend to clean the slate platform they eat from every day.


Re: Alfies garden all finished!!!
Posted: 04/06/2009 by tortoise7

Hi Julie
Alfie's Pen is brilliant, well done. It is amazing how the hubbies start to get involved, mine has been out in the garden under a canopy and with lights on, modifying Keya & Molly's house many a night...
I do a complete clean out, new substrate and disinfect Keya's indoor pen about every 2-3 months like Darren said, as Keya does her wee's in the bath every morning, and then I just pick up the poo's as and when necessary and clean the food slate and water bowl, just like you every day


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