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fallen on deaf ears
Posted: 03/06/2009 by winnie

I recently came across someone who had a tort and whilst talking to them found out it was kept in a viv and fed fruit, cucumber and lettuce. I gave them the details for this site and told them about tort tables. I know that I myself am still a learner when it comes to owning a tort but I can't believe how much I've learnt by reading all the info you guys give out. I did find it quite upsetting though when it dawned on me that the owners of this tort weren't at all interested in reading any advise given on this site or any other, their reply to me as they were walking off was "yeh, what ever". Sorry, I did try!. Glad to say however that it's made me more determined to soak up as much info as I can. I just hope my grey matter can handle the overload. I'm not holding my breathe though as I can't even learn how to get my photos of Queenie on. Me and computers are like oil and water.....not a good mix!

Re: fallen on deaf ears
Posted: 04/06/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Winnie,

Glad you're finding this site a good resource Winnie.
I would imagine a large majority of people are keeping their tortoises incorrectly and feeding them a poor diet. Most pet shops/garden centres offer appalling advice which the purchaser no doubts believes.....until the tortoise becomes ill. I've also noticed that people of are often not willing to face the fact that they have spent several hundred pounds on inappropriate equipment for their tortoise and even when they are told it is wrong - it is financially beneficial to choose the advice that meets with their set-up:-(

Thanks for trying though - you never know they might actually do a bit of research now:-)



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