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Alfie in 'his garden'!!
Posted: 28/05/2009 by dewly
Well here he is in his 'new garden'. He absolutely adores it. I couldn't believe it, he was off like a rocket, here, there and every where. Absolutely fantastic. I am chuffed to bits. You may have trouble seeing him in one photo as he is so tiny but he is right at the back near the lamp!!

Any way I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to every one for their help. Elaine, as you can see I've moved the plants as you suggested and you were right - he does use them like a roundabout!! Little monkey - don't you just adore them.

Any way, I am off to Spain now to see my mum. Hubby is staying home to look after Alfie and the dogs!!

Take care

Julie xx

Re: Alfie in 'his garden'!!
Posted: 28/05/2009 by tpgNina

Julie, that is absolutely fantastic looking! We need to add it to our album of outdoor enclosures (if it isn't there already). And how clever to sink it into the ground (I hadn't noticed that first time around). And how great to see Alfie in it. It's always hard to gauge the scale of an enclosure without the tortoise in it -- but this is so big (I did have to look hard to see him!). Now you can start hiring yourself out as an exclusive tortoise enclosure designer. Have a lovely time in Spain!


Re: Alfie in 'his garden'!!
Posted: 28/05/2009 by ElaineTPG

Julie I can't tell you how great it makes us all feel seeing such thought and effort going in to an enclosure and it eventually ending up with a happy tortoise in the UK. We are very fortunate that many of our members have shared their new set ups with us and this goes on to inspire everyone! Huge well done and i do look forward to reading your posts on just how much entertainment you will get from Alfie in there.

Job well done, the sun will shine on you!! Enjoy the trip and don't bore your mum too much with Alfie's pictures  Click and drag me down to the editor .


Re: Alfie in 'his garden'!!
Posted: 31/05/2009 by dewly

Hi Nina

Just a quick e mail from Spain. But I just had to say that I would love a picture of Alfie's 'garden' to be included in your album. I actually feel really honored. Thank you very much. I will look forward to seeing it on there.

Julie x


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