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Best substrate/greenhouse
Posted: 17/07/2008 by Elly

Just wondering what people use for substrate in indoor pens etc? Also, I am considering setting up a greenhouse for my tortoises with a purpose built ourdoor run. Has anyone used or does anyone use a greenhouse? Wondering if I might be better off using a potting shed? Be really grateful for any ideas.

Keep smilin, Elly

Re: Best substrate/greenhouse
Posted: 17/07/2008 by tpgadmin

Hi Elly

I use soil/playsand for my baby torts indoors.  Mine are Russians and they love to dig down under it.  I see you keep Margies have you had a look at our Margie care sheet in 'The Tortoise' section of the web site yet?

Outdoors I keep my med tortoises in insulated wooden sheds/houses and one group in a greenhouse.  My tropicals also live in a greenhouse. 

You might find some ideas from the pics in the photo gallery section and our members gallery section too.


Re: Best substrate/greenhouse
Posted: 17/07/2008 by vivtpgadmin

Hi Elly, I have replied to your other post!!!Click and drag me down to the editor  I keep Margies too, and they are kept in the greenhouse.  In their heated wooden box there is sand/soil 50/50 mix.  On the greenhouse floor, there are a couple of slabs for me to walk on, and round slabs that I put their food on, but the rest of the area is just the normal garden soil.  I have rested the greenhouse on breeze blocks, we left two out at either end so that the torts can go in and out as they please.  I do make sure they are tucked up in their wooden box each night, and the openings are sealed with bricks.


Re: Best substrate/greenhouse
Posted: 18/07/2008 by Elly

Thanks for the info. I am using a sand/soil mix in their indoor enclosure and put them outside on warm days. Really want to set them up with something more permanant outside though. Looking at a potting shed as less glass for me to crash through and probably better access for wheelchair. The outdoor enclosure will be totally surrounded by a 6ft high, covered run to prevent unwanted visitors. The picture gallery gives some great ideas, so will probably be pinching someClick and drag me down to the editor

Keep smilin, Elly

Re: Best substrate/greenhouse
Posted: 29/06/2014 by Mickey

In Pandora's [Herman tortoise] indoor table home, she also has outdoor accommodation too for these lovely sunny days,  I'm using a substrate of sand and soil as recommended by many, but as she crawls around she walks through her water dish making ii muddy and undrinkable in not time. Any suggestions please?. Thanks Mickey and Pandora 


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