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Not Eating - out of hibernation
Posted: 18/05/2009 by compi

Compi, 40+ yrs old is a happy chappy and
is no bother
but this year having come out of hibernation and having regular baths
he is not eating. This has not happened before and would like to know
if I should seek help from a vet as well as the people here on the forum.
Graham/ Compi.

Re: Not Eating - out of hibernation
Posted: 18/05/2009 by ElaineTPG

Hi Graham, There has been a great deal of first time problems post hibernation this year. Our short, wet summer had its part to play. Have you looked inside Compi's mouth to ensure it is pink and healthy and has no white 'fur' type linning on it. If eyes ect are all bright you may want to try Reptoboost. You can buy this from most pet shops, follow the instructions to make up a bath and allow him to sak in this for as long as 20 mins, then a bath of clean water to rinse. Until you can get this I would double check your temp (all care sheets under The Tortoise on the left hand menu bar) and bathe in luke warm water twice a day. If no improvement, then a specialist vet visit will be needed. We also have a recommended vet list under Vet and Health Issues.

Good luck, and please get back to us if you have any further concearns,


Re: Not Eating - out of hibernation
Posted: 18/05/2009 by tpgNina

Hi Graham,

When did he wake up from hibernation?  Tortoises should eat within a week -- or at most two weeks -- after they wake up, and if not then they really need to see an experienced tortoise vet.  You can find a list of recommended vets in the left-hand column on this page, under Vets and Health Issues.  Here is a link to a good article on problems with tortoises not feeding after waking from hibernation:



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