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Posted: 16/05/2009 by Naomi

Hi, I am currently thinking of purcheing a Horsefield Tortoies, However after reading information on the inter-net it say's I will have to have heating and UV lighting, but I was hopeing it could live outside in the summer months which will mean I will have no source of electricity supply. So after doing much research on the inter-net I came across a Breed of tortoies called a Russian Tortoies which do not need heating or UV lighting due to being a very adaptable breed so is able to live outside, however I was then later told that infact the russian tortoies is another name for the Horsefield  tortoies so is this true. Also is there any other information you could give me about housing a tortoise outside.


Posted: 16/05/2009 by TPGDarren


All tortoises require additional heating/uvb when the UK weather is not so good. 

Here is some information which should help:-


Care sheets



Indoor/Outdoor Enclosures

Either a small rabbit/guinea pig enclosure (best to get the larger one 1.2 meters) or a commercial (or home-made) tortoise table should be used

Despite what pet shops promote, vivariums aren't suitable for tortoises. Tortoises require a warm basking area - but also cooler areas in order to thermo-regulate (cool down) and to manage their well being properly. Vivariums offer an almost one temperature, which is totally unsuitable for tortoises.




A combined heat/UVB bulb is recommended. The Megaray is one of the best on the market, both for the long-lasting quality of the UVB and they do not blow as frequently as other lamps:-


Lamp Holder (for use with above lamp):-

Despite they are a clamp lamp – the light should be suspended from directly above the tortoise. If it’s fitted to the side of the enclosure it can shine directly into the tortoises’ eyes and damage them, yours too.


List of Genuine UK Breeders


Please do not consider purchasing a tortoise from a pet shop or internet dealer. Many of these arrive with illnesses and parasites





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