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Grumpy Tort
Posted: 15/05/2009 by Row


Tetley has been to the vet and the vet has given him the all clear. He checked his poo agian no worms, checked his breathing no RNS all cleared up.  The vet didn't do any test i.e x-rays as he is confident no probs with his lungs and no blood test as he is too small for the amount of blood needed and didn't think this was necessary as he seems to be in good health apart from his grumpyness..  The vet seems to think Tetley is just grumpy and a little depressed as all his vital signs are brilliant!

Still not sure what you do for a depressed Tort though?  He's still very sleepy and is just not very active.

Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks Row

Re: Grumpy Tort
Posted: 16/05/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Row,

Glad to hear he's on the mend.
Sorry for the delay in replying - it's a bit of an awkward one to reply to. You could try and make his enclosure more interesting, substrates, obstacle (not near the lamp though for fear of turning over). Check the heating/lighting (basking area - light levels). Tortoise like a bright airy environment. There's a lot of personal views with regards to tortoises being lonely. From experience, I have found that tortoises do interact with one another and certainly the activity of one tortoise will undoubtedly stimulate another, they're just nosey by nature. This is something I personally would consider. I've notced increased activity when a lone tortoise is placed with another. Certainly in the wild, with many species, if you find one tortoise there are often many others close by.

Just some thoughts:-)



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