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Poor Husbandry
Posted: 14/07/2008 by Pebbles

I went to a pet shop today and left feeling incredibly saddened by the husbandry of all the animals, paricularly the tortoises.  The shop had their tortoises at floor level, with a perspex enclosure surrounding.  There was no heat source or UV lighting and if that was not bad enough, they were being fed lettuce, apples and mushrooms.  To top all this off, there was more than one species in there (horsefields, hermanns and hingebacks all together).  The hardest thing for me is that  the owner is related to someone I work closely with and regard as a good friend, so if I get on my soap box I could risk the friendship with my collegue.  What would other members suggest I do?

Re: Poor Husbandry
Posted: 14/07/2008 by tpgadmin

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  The TPG are interested in poor husbandry in pet shops.  If you wouldn't mind contacting us through our email and name the petshop we would be grateful.

Meanwhile could you not print off some care sheets and pass these on to the pet shop via your friend as a start?




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